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Elne – Espace Salitar: The project is taking shape

Recently, a new public meeting was held in the Town Hall, of about fifty people on the future of the Salitar (former college) project. The aim of this phase in the co-construction of the project with the residents was to present the first draft of the development of the site drafted by the Egis Design Bureau, which worked from the project specifications drawn up by a working group made up of residents, elected officials, services and associations. The following priorities were discussed: re-vegetation of the site as an edible urban park (vegetable gardens, fruit trees, herbs, etc.) , the renovation of the gym as well as the future of the swimming pool. Obviously, the question of financing these developments quickly came up in the debate, as the municipality would have to find external means to carry out this ambitious project over several years. This financial component should now lead to choices and prioritization. This is one of the goals of the next phase of the participatory process. Then the Design Bureau will draw up a complete comprehensive proposal in April, which will be submitted for examination by the municipality. See you before summer to discover the future of Project Salitar.

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