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CIUSSS opens a virtual clinic for long-term patients with COVID

The Center for Integrated University Health and Social Services (CIUSSS) in Saguenay-lac-Saint-Jean set up its virtual clinic on Monday for people with long-term coronavirus. There are now 14 across the county.

These clinics provide services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and neuropsychology. The goal is to help patients live with the disease.

The pilot project was announced on May 19 by the Minister for Health and Social Services, Christian Dube.

To be eligible for the service, you must be referred by a physician who understands that the patient is already suffering from long-term COVID.

We will be there to help and give them the tools to manage their symptoms and manage their fatigue. So that’s a lot of advice. In fact, they are being given a toolbox so that they can live with the prolonged COVID situation on a daily basis.Jean-Denis Langevin, Physiotherapist CIUSSS regional.

This clinic will work closely with family physicians and medical professionals.

the CIUSSS Chose the default mode to adapt to the needs of this customer, and it is more fragile.

expected service

Many patients with the disease were anxiously awaiting the arrival of these clinics. This is particularly the case of Claudie Tremblay, a resident of Saint-Lodger-de-Millot who retains neurological sequelae affecting her motor skills. She had spent several days in a coma after contracting COVID-19.

Claudie Tremblay has COVID long term. (file photo)

Photo: Radio-Canada/Annie-Claude Bresson

Finally now we will also have a reference in the area […]. We have pain, we have sequelae, and that doesn’t refer to what we have, but we’re not okay. »

Quote from Claudie Tremblay

Others, like La Baie resident Isabelle Despens, have reservations. It is still essential, she says, for staff to be there and for doctors to recognize the disease.

It is already understaffed. How far will they be recruited and how many employees? There are still so many doctors in Quebec who don’t recognize long COVID, it’s a big problem. I’m lucky, I have a doctor who believes in me right away, but that’s what I can’t wait to seeshe added.

A woman sitting on a chair looking at the camera.

Isabelle Despens has been living with COVID for the past 14 months. (file photo)

Photo: Radio Canada

In the near future, patients from Côte-Nord and Nord-du-Québec will also be able to register at this new virtual clinic.

incomprehensible disease

One of the biggest challenges these patients face is recognizing this disease.

An estimated 15% of people who contract the virus have developed post-COVID-19 syndrome to some degree.

Of these, one in five people suffer from more serious symptoms, such as fatigue, sleep disturbances, shortness of breath, or even cognitive problems. There is currently no treatment.

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