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Juraj Slavkovski compared to John LeClair by Stefan White

Juraj Slavkovski compared to John LeClair by Stefan White

For several weeks now, the most noticeable note among the Montreal Canadiens has been the stellar performance by Juraj Slavkovski.

In fact, the young Slovakian has been playing very good hockey ever since he was put on the first line alongside Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield.

He ultimately showed several encouraging signs regarding his potential, reassuring CH fans while exciting them for the future regarding Slavkovskiy's development.

After playing a first season in the NHL during which he looked lost on the ice, Slafkovsky appears to have finally found his bearings and, above all, appears to have built a lot of confidence.

This is evident in every match, whether in play or on the score sheet.

And again, yesterday, Slavkovski scored a goal (his tenth of the season), in addition to having an excellent match overall.

Furthermore, it was the third straight game with at least one goal for Slav, and the fourth straight game with a point.

Every appearance of the first three, he sparked something and we noticed that, something that did not happen much last season and at the beginning of the current season.

Let's just say we're eagerly anticipating every presence of the first trio, especially considering the rest of the lineup.

In short, Slavkovsky is in good shape and is on a good line of progress, which is prompting many analysts to make comparisons.

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In the case of Stefan White, the big Slovakian reminds him of John LeClair.

Indeed, this is what the former goalkeeping coach of CH said yesterday in Antichambre.

Obviously, at this speed, the comparison makes sense considering they are both generous left wingers.

They are both 6 feet 3 inches tall and both are quite heavy (Slavkowski: 230 pounds, LeClair: 226 pounds).

In short, the numbers look similar, and it is clear that they are both going strong.

However, when you look at LeClair's career, you quickly realize that this is a pretty big comparison to Slavkowski, who is still in his early days in the NHL.

LeClair reached the 50-goal mark in three straight seasons, scoring 90 or more points three times as well, with the best total of his career being 97 points.

So these are too big shoes for Slavkovsky to fill at the moment.

We see a lot of potential in him right now, and we still don't see a ceiling, but it's too early to believe that Slav will score 50 goals one day.

In short, we can understand White's comparison given the players' similar playing styles as well as practically identical sizes, but the fact remains that for now, let's let Juraj Slavkovski be Juraj Slavkovski without comparing him to a big. Nouns in type.

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