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Éléonore Lagacé reveals her silhouette in a sheer lace ensemble topped off with thigh-high boots

Éléonore Lagacé reveals her silhouette in a sheer lace ensemble topped off with thigh-high boots

The multi-talented musician who expresses herself through her bold fashion loves to surprise her fans, and her latest revealing look ticks the box of authenticity.

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Eleonore is a free electron that causes shock waves when she uses her musical talent. Her freedom of existence also transfers to her most beautiful clothes. The unparalleled uniqueness of these things is explained by the small sting that Leo leaves on everything they touch.

Designed by her best friend, an interior designer Anne-Sophie Gaudetshe constantly manages to surprise her Instagram community with different and glamorous clothing styles.

This time the big winner Zenith She dares to wear a monochromatic black outfit from head to toe, giving her an air of mystery. Her piercing gaze consists of a huge, deep dark line as well as long eyelashes that increase the size of her eyes.

Earrings made of rhinestones and stones are sparkling ornaments that undoubtedly catch the eye. This shiny touch contrasts with Leo’s sinister look. Accustomed to colorful sets, this set suits the game by taking a dark turn.

the Crop top A sheer asymmetrical design leaves room for imagination, revealing the star’s bra. The short brown skirt that matched the jacket failed to hide her underwear, as it was tied at the sides, just like the top. The cutouts reveal the artist’s sculpted abs.

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Eleonore embraces this season’s sexy footwear: thigh-high boots. These feminine tall leather boots give her a few extra inches. A real queen!

Instagram Story / Eleonore Lagasse

It’s all crowned with a bun filled with some spiked strands to mimic the Y2K hairstyle favored by many Fashion lovers.

Under the rays, the latter glows brightly even in dark appearance. No evidence of Leo!

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