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Sting: Music as a Bridge

Sting: Music as a Bridge

This new album was not necessarily on Sting’s calendar. Or at least not anytime soon. But after the pandemic slowed his tour, the singer insisted on getting back to work, creating what will happen the bridge. “I refused to let all that time go to waste. So I decided to see it as an opportunity rather than an imposition.

Sting was in San Francisco, touring with the musical last ship When COVID-19 interrupted shows. Having quickly returned to his English homeland, Sting chose to take up writing. He didn’t necessarily know what he would get out of it. But he had to create.

“Writing a song is like going fishing; some days it bites. Others don’t. But the important thing is to go to the river and take the fishing rod out,” he explains in a video conference with him. Newspaper.

And so, one by one, the pieces that were to be the fifteen were bornNS Solo album, deposited in boxes today. Once these songs are put together, the note, the common denominator, is clear: Each one features people in transition, looking for a better, or at least safer, world.

Hence the album title: the bridge.

“The metaphor struck me. To some extent it represents the situation of all of us in the face of a pandemic, a climate crisis or even a political climate: we are looking for a path that leads us to a safer future. We don’t know where that bridge is or what it is made of, but we look for it. And I found it in music “, reveal.

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In residence in Vegas

The singer also recently managed to go on the road to walking the stages of the whole world. After concerts in Italy and Greece – where he celebrated his 70th birthdayNS Anniversary last month – Sting has just completed the first part of her stay at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace, a legendary setting where Celine Dion has performed 1,141 times in the past.

He does not hide it, he would once hesitate to accept such an invitation, at first glance put off by the idea of ​​an extended stay in the Vice City.

“At one time, Las Vegas was a graveyard for elephants, a place where artists would end their careers. But that’s no longer the case. And a commitment like mine – eight shows in three weeks – is perfectly reasonable. On the other hand, a two- or three-year contract It would have improved my mind,” he laughs.

The singer will resume her tour starting next March, first across Europe and finally returning to Vegas in June. There are no concerts scheduled in Montreal yet, but Sting is hopeful he can make an announcement soon.

“Montreal is one of my favorite cities in the world. I will definitely come back there,” he promises.

album the bridge Currently for sale.

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