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Electraply is an amazing electric bike...made of wood!

Electraply is an amazing electric bike…made of wood!

Are electric bikes expensive? Why not go ahead and build a “homemade” bike… out of wood! This is a very good job done by an expert in carpentry.

Electraply is an electric bike (eBike) that has the feel of a fake motorcycle, unlike any other. And for good reason: Its frame is made of wood! It’s an amazing innovation by Evie Bee, the British expert in carpentry who knew how to combine the best of her favorite materials and tools.

up to 45 km/h

To build her bike, Evie Bee was inspired by the Yamaha SR 250 Scrambler, one of the most popular motorcycles in the world of custom two-wheeled motorcycles. The Electraply chassis is made of plywood, and it’s built on Rhino 3D.

credit: Effie B

The structure is mainly composed of layers of poplar and birch. Stainless steel was used to securely hold the motorcycle frame, and of course also the suspension and wheels. The 26-inch Smart Pie engine allows the vehicle to climb at speeds of up to 45 km/h.

The 35V battery and 12.5A Yose give the VAE motor a range of up to 35 km. Including the battery and motor, the two-wheeled bike weighs 30kg. Evie Bee plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign for those who want to buy the car, but more do-it-yourselfers will be able to start creating Electraply themselves by following directions Provided by the designer.

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