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Eddie Mitchell equals everything, he is “bad” with America and no longer gives any prizes

To all of the biggest fans of the famous French singer Eddie Mitchell, we can say that it was really a cold shower. They did not expect the singer to make such insane statements Music He is the most appreciative American. One has to admit that the country has changed greatly since the beginning of her career, and one might have wondered if the singer endorsed all of the last reports we have heard in recent months and years in the country.

By the time Eddie Mitchell became known to the public, the United States was completely different, and a few years later we were far from imagining that some politicians like Donald Trump could seize power. From the country. Unfortunately, for some Americans, it is with great sadness that they are able to welcome President Donald Trump as President of the United States.

A few years ago, American voters were able to make a completely different choice with President Barack Obama, this time, It may have the potential to be completely dynamic! Therefore, everyone was curious to know what legendary singer Eddie Mitchell thinks about all these changes that the country has been able to enjoy for a few years now.

Eddie Mitchell says it all Interview, His “break” with the country he loved the most

For Eddie Mitchell fans this is news that can change everything, to say the least. In fact, from the very beginning of his career, French singer Eddie Mitchell was able to glorify a certain American dream in which he dreamed so much. Thanks to him, we can imagine millions of people being able to glorify the country, go on a trip or live or work there to completely change their lives. However, we were able to see that the singer was able to release a new statement that will lower your spine.

In a recent interview, he made it clear that the American dream was simply over for him! With a country that has changed completely in recent years, Eddie Mitchell has admitted that he no longer appreciates it Cinema Music of this country: Enough to give him According to some internet users a lot of aging Who doesn’t appreciate the singer’s opinion.

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However, the latter does not stand there, to say the least. He actually released a statement about the last politicians of the country …

Eddie Mitchell incites “bad climax” for the country’s politicians

In the same interview we can hear exclusively, singer Eddie Mitchell had the opportunity to come back to American politicians. Although he did not comment on President Emmanuel Macron, he did describe his feelings about American politicians.

Without directly quoting a name, So he talked about “bad climax” With regard to American politicians in recent years. Although we think of Donald Trump directly when we read these words, there is nothing to confirm …