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Dutch's apartment, Peseta's hopes, and a tweet provide a lot of information

Dutch's apartment, Peseta's hopes, and a tweet provide a lot of information

J.T. And I did it again in episode eight of the podcast Stanley25.

reminder : We made the decision to only do 10-episode seasons. So, we're only two weeks away from our first pre-season…

Yesterday, we received a group of… 9 million A former Canadian manager agreed to tell us a few things Information/Secrets Since he was still working at the Bell Center. Because our first game for two was longer than expected – and our guest agreed to talk about a lot of things Super Interesting – we decided to publish the episode in two segments this week. Part A has been online since early this morning…

And part B that will be uploading has been done Sunday. It's a test. We'll see how it's received.

What do we find in Part A published this morning?

small informationBut above all the questions and reflections related to the absence of Martin St. Louis. You want to know why I didn't reveal all the details of the story in a text message Downloadable content ? You will quickly understand this by watching the first minutes of the episode. And if you are resourceful, you will understand a little more about the reasons that forced you to do so trainer To leave – temporarily, hopefully – his club. #general information

If you're more lazy than resourceful, here's a snippet from social media 9 million Who will be able to answer your laziness.

Also on the list: Michael Pizzetta meditates between takes, and Kirby Dutch Bonnie a apartment Alongside Cole Caufield and Christian Dvorak in downtown Montreal, Logan Mylox has failed several times this season and the girls who have given us scoop Over time… including one the previous– Wife of a Canadian player.

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the stockThere is something for every taste. Good listening !

And don't forget that the second part will be revealed with a former CH Group employee on Sunday. Stay tuned!

a lot of

– Stars don't often lose when they face the Coyotes (and dare we laugh about it X).

– The rebirth of Yevgeny Kuznetsov amazing.

– Kayden Guehle has improved over the season according to Pierre McGuire.

– Alex Newhook made good decisions as a young hockey player. [LaPresse]