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"England has ruled India for 200 years, it's our turn"

“England has ruled India for 200 years, it’s our turn”

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Report. In Leicester, central England, the appointment of Indian-born Hindu Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister delights his community.

From our special correspondent Laure van Ruymbeek in Leicester

EThey are dressed in red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple. Barefoot, women dance in a circle, smiling, red bindis between their eyebrows, backed by the sounds of a flute and a small drum, the tabla, from northern India. Next to the musicians sitting on the floor, dozens of worshipers clap. Others come to meditate with Saint Jalaram Baba, wearing a turban on his head and garlands of flowers around his neck, whose statue is in this room of the Sri Jalaram Temple in Leicester, Midlands (central England).

About two thousand devotees came to celebrate the birthday of their saint. The priest speaks. Here they speak Gujarati, the dialect of the Indian state of Gujarat (western India). Just…

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