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Dozens of rats released in several McDonald’s restaurants: one suspect arrested

Dozens of rats released in several McDonald’s restaurants: one suspect arrested

British police reportedly managed to arrest one of those accused of committing several crimes targeting McDonald’s restaurants, during which dozens of rats were released near terrified customers.

He added: “Our position is clear: this is appalling and will not be tolerated.” West Midlands Police said in a statement on Wednesday, according to what was reported by the Independent newspaper: “We will pursue and prosecute anyone who commits such acts.”

On Monday and Tuesday, police were called to at least two McDonald’s fast food outlets in Birmingham, where people wearing Palestinian flags allegedly released boxes filled with mice, colored in the country’s colors, among terrified customers, according to photos shared on social media. .

The next day, the police announced that they had arrested a 32-year-old man in connection with the case.

Police forces also requested the public’s help in searching for Bilal Hussein, 30, “who is suspected of involvement in these painful and unacceptable events,” he said in writing, without falsifying his words.

West Midlands Police insisted that “these offenses constitute public nuisance offences”, saying they were investigating a third similar incident, which occurred late on Tuesday, to try to establish whether they were linked.

According to initial reports, these pro-Palestinian activists targeted McDonald’s restaurants after an Israeli franchise apparently donated meals to Israeli soldiers and security personnel, according to The Independent.

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“McDonald’s Corporation does not fund or support any government involved in this dispute, and all actions taken by our local licensing partners […] “It was taken independently, without McDonald’s consent or consent.”