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Don Wright dies in Minnesota: Policewoman accused of manslaughter

Don Wright dies in Minnesota: Policewoman accused of manslaughter

Kim Potter was arrested and charged ManslaughterPublic Prosecutor Peter Orbot, responsible for the case, announced. He added in a statement that he would be quickly brought before the judge.

The 48-year-old policeman opened fire on Don Wright, a 20-year-old African American, on Sunday during a regular traffic stop at the Brooklyn Center in the northern United States. Then she claimed to have mixed her servicing weapon with her electric pistol.

We intend to demonstrate that Constable Potter neglected her responsibility to protect the public when she used her service weapon in place of the Taser.Orput attorney’s services commented.

She resigned Tuesday, as did the sheriff of Brooklyn Center. She now faces up to 10 years in prison.

The drama has reignited tensions in Minneapolis, where white cop Derek Chauvin, who is on trial for murdering the African American, is currently on trial. George Floyd.

On May 25, the agent was kneeling for nearly ten minutes on the neck of the forty-year-old black man, whose torture, the photographer, led to massive demonstrations around the world.

Keen to avoid a new fire in Minneapolis, where several businesses and a police station were torched at the end of May, authorities announced a curfew on Sunday evening and called for reinforcements from the National Guard.

Despite the imposition of curfews and massive reinforcements, tension remained head-to-head opposing the police activists on Tuesday evening, and 78 people were arrested.

The family of Don Wright took note of the attorney general’s decision on Wednesday, but criticized the police justifications: A dealer with 26 years of experience knows the difference between an electric taser and a firearmTheir lawyer, Ben Cromb, wrote in a statement.

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We will continue to fight for justice for Daunte, her family, and all people of color marginalized. We will not stop until we get real reforms in the police and judiciary.

Without commenting on this file, the White House appreciated it Police often used unnecessary force which often resulted in the deaths of African Americans And recognized The need for reforms.