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The statement that Elise Stefanik wants to hide from Americans

The statement that Elise Stefanik wants to hide from Americans

Rarely have we seen a politician display such enormous ambition as New York Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik. This Harvard graduate, once associated with the most powerful figures in the Republican elite and now repudiated by the MAGA movement, including George W. Bush and Paul Ryan, was displaying an all-out Trumpism in her quest for a place on the GOP presidential ticket. ceremony in 2024. To model her speech after Donald Trump's, she specifically described people charged or convicted in connection with the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, as “hostages.” This is one of his most interesting faces.

In a recent message published on… In the wake of Cheney's letter, Stefanik deleted this press release from his archives. Unfortunately for her, Cheney kept a copy, and had a lot of fun airing it on Channel X on Saturday:

This wasn't the first time Stefanik has been a bad Trump supporter. She was elected in a constituency that twice voted for Barack Obama, and particularly opposed the construction of the wall on the southern border, the US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement and the massive tax cuts that Trump wanted.

She took on her Trumpian role during the impeachment proceedings of the 45th president. However, evil tongues say that she has no chance of being Trump's running mate because of her looks. To use Trump's words, she would not be his type of woman.

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