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The ship capsizes off Louisiana, and scores are lost

The ship capsizes off Louisiana, and scores are lost

(Washington) – 12 people were lost at sea on Wednesday off the US state of Louisiana, after a merchant ship capsized in the Gulf of Mexico, leading to a rescue operation that saved six others.

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The U.S. Coast Guard and several private boats were searching Tuesday night for survivors among the crew whose boat capsized in a storm near Port Fortune, about 100 miles south of New Orleans.

A spokesperson for Seacor Marine, a shipping company, confirmed to The New York Times Wednesday it was Seacor strength And that 18 people were on board when the boat capsized.

The Coast Guard said in a statement that the search continued until the night in the area where the ship, which is a cargo boat, about 40 meters long, capsized.

The sinking came as a stronger-than-expected storm struck the Gulf of Mexico, making navigation difficult.

The U.S. Weather Service (NOAA) has reported winds of up to 120 km / hr off the southern coast of Louisiana.

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