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Do you have a Twitter or PSN account?  Be careful, thousands of passwords are due to hacking and you may be affected!

Do you have a Twitter or PSN account? Be careful, thousands of passwords are due to hacking and you may be affected!

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When this happens, we never feel calm and this is normal, but then again, billions of passwords have been leaked on the web. However, there is good news in this story.

Billions of sensitive data found on the Internet!

In fact, billions of sensitive data have been shared on the Internet, 26 billion to be exact, and this massive leak has been described as… The mother of all violations. Among this popular data are email addresses, passwords and other similar items that were obtained completely illegally. For the little story It was the security researcher responding under the name Bod Diachenko who discovered this massive database Which has subsequently appeared on the web, and this will be the largest collection yet revealed (via Haze).

But what is this information that ended up on the Internet? Well, that's personal data as far as we've been able to tell you, and it's concerningMySpace, Twitter, Deezer, LinkedIn, Telegrap, Tencent QQ login credentials.

However, as we told you, there is good news about this: in fact, here the data appears to be old data dating back to old hacks. According to Troy Hunt, this discovery is just a collection of old leaks and hacks Known in advance. But there are some precautions that should be taken.

Change your PSN and Xbox passwords

Although PlayStation and Xbox were not mentioned, It's still a good idea to change your passwords, especially if you use the same email address for both platforms but also the same MDPs. (Even if it's not recommended at all) The same goes for your Nintendo Account. Here, in fact, your email address is the most dangerous, but you can check if it is in the leaked database.

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To do this, go to Have I Been Pwned website And enter your email address. If this is not part of the information disclosed, you will receive the message “The good news – there are no roamer clans and rangers!“Who will show up, and Otherwise you will have to change your passwords using this. To be on the safe side, feel free to use two-factor authentication.