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Djokovic "has a rather special relationship with science," explains the tennis specialist

Djokovic “has a rather special relationship with science,” explains the tennis specialist

This is the topic that has infuriated Australia and the entire tennis planet for 48 hours: After obtaining an exemption to go to Melbourne, Novak Djokovic’s visa has been confiscated and he is now awaiting his fate. Will he be allowed to participate in the Australian Open even if he has not been vaccinated? How do we explain such hype in Australia? Why does the 34-year-old tennis player refuse to vaccinate?

To answer these questions, two guests, RTL Australia correspondent Christophe Mallet and Laurent Vergne, journalist specializing in tennis Eurosport. “It’s often been said that Melbourne was the most confined city in the world, remember first. Saying it is one thing, living in it is another.”

“We’ve seen that the only solution, which has been taken elsewhere in Australia, is vaccination,” he continues (…) all of a sudden, There is really a misunderstanding : Why would someone like Novak Djokovic get like hair into soup by bending the rules and being a bit tricky? “.

Not far from anti-science posts

Laurent Vergne,

Regarding Djokovic’s refusal to be vaccinated, Laurent Vergne explained it with “a As for the flag to which it belongs, which is quite private. He is a person with convictions. He is looking for a lot of harmony between his body and mind. There is obviously something everyone knows, the history of gluten, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He takes positions sometimes, I wouldn’t say anti-science, but not far. It’s someone who believes, for example, in the transformation of energy in food and water.”

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