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'Disgusting and reprehensible': Two brothers on TikTok film F1 driver… at a urinal

'Disgusting and reprehensible': Two brothers on TikTok film F1 driver… at a urinal

Australian twins, who have hundreds of thousands of TikTok followers, have sparked scorn after filming a British racing driver at a urinal, sharing the footage on their social platforms to attract clicks.

“I know what you're thinking, how big is he? That stays between me and George. There's an individuality to a men's urinal. What I can say is he looks really comfortable and confident. “We've been there for a while, so he's clearly very hydrated and ready to race,” he said. Archie and Miles Shepherd laughed in a video that has since been removed, according to indy100, a branch of the British newspaper The Independent.

The Australian brothers, whose TikTok page “Shepmates” has more than 476,000 followers, were forced to apologize after sharing footage of British Formula 1 driver George Russell using a urinal at the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday.

The poor taste comments made by the two influencers quickly angered Formula 1 fans, who denounced the intrusive behaviour.

Australian sportscaster Shane McInnes didn't mince his words as he urged both twins to be banned from future races on X, The Independent reports.

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“Shipmats' behavior scores Mercedes driver George Russell in a urinal […] Posting it on Instagram and TikTok and then bragging about it is disgusting and reprehensible. even if it was [s’excusent]He insisted that they should be refused accreditation for future races.

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For their part, the two Australians were quick to remove the images from their platforms, publicly apologizing for the “absolute error in judgement” that was intended to be “a bit of lighthearted fun,” according to indy100.