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Discover a treasure dating back to ancient Rome

Discover a treasure dating back to ancient Rome

A metal digger has made a rare find in southeast England: a rod-shaped necklace dating back to ancient Rome.

According to Live Science, the phallic statue will be the first of its kind to be discovered.

This rod appears to have been forged when the Romans ruled Great Britain, between 42 and 410 AD.

The Romans collected objects and statues of all kinds inspired by the phallus; According to their opinion, the male organ possesses divine protective powers.

The rarity of this new thing is that it was forged with silver, explains Wendy Thompson, the person who found it.

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“I have others in bronze I’ve found in the past, but they are nowhere near that large, and they have never been found in silver before in England,” she said.

The necklace is just over 3 centimeters long and features a ribbed cutout at the top that represents pubic hair. An attachment loop is also designed, which indicates that the object should be worn on the body, such as a necklace.

Such objects are usually made of a low-value copper alloy, said Laurie Rogerson, an expert who analyzes possible ancient finds using a portable archaeological chart.

“Being a higher quality metal than copper alloys, silver may be thought to enhance the protective capabilities of the rod,” she explained.

This silver necklace is considered an important patriotic find by experts.

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