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An attack in the north left several dead and thousands displaced

An attack in the north left several dead and thousands displaced

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In Burkina Faso, armed men attacked the residents of Sitenga, near the border with Niger on the night of Saturday 11 June to Sunday 12 June, which is very similar to the reprisals and which comes in the wake of an attack on the gendarmerie brigade in this municipality. Thursday 9 June. No official report is currently available but several sources speak of dozens of deaths. The government spokesman stated that intervention units had been deployed in the area.

With our correspondent in Ouagadougou, Yaya Bodani

According to eyewitnesses, armed men have been harassing people in Setinga for several days. After the attack on the Gendarmerie Brigade on Thursday 9 June, the armed forces attended reinforcements and searched the area. They are deployed in the Dori area, accompanied by police and gendarmerie forces.

According to the government, these militants stormed the town of Sitenga to attack the civilian population. A safe source says they have returned this time in large numbers. ” They did not distinguish. They systematically killed everyone they came across ‘, says one of the residents of the area

It is not possible to create a balance sheet at this time, Due to the complexity of the situation According to the government spokesperson. A former representative elected from the region, who was contacted immediately, said: Eyewitnesses counted several bodies in one neighborhood in Setinga following these reprisals by armed groups. “.

This situation has caused the displacement of the residents of this municipality towards Douri, about forty kilometers away. The injured were transferred to health centers for treatment.

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More than 2,000 residents began leaving the town on Friday after security forces left and later because militants returned to attack the town, according to an elected local official. Most of them are women and children who walk for hours sometimes to avoid the main road. Their stories are dramatic, according to Yahya Amin Deko, a resident of Douri who works for a civil society organization there.

The armed groups reached the town of Sitenga around 5 pm, which is when the massacre began. Where they seem to start shooting indiscriminately over the horizon, especially at men they can see. Since Saturday night, the crowd’s movements have increased. We have hundreds of displaced people. We can’t get an exact number. The armed groups gave an ultimatum to evacuate the area as they promised to return and finish the job if they continued to find people in Sitenga. People saw many dead people, people with whom they shared their daily lives, lying on the ground. That’s scary. Today, people are in a rather difficult psychological state because they are afraid and even wonder if my turn would be enough, if they didn’t have to go somewhere else. Because my role seems so close to the drama scene, it’s unclear what might happen to them tomorrow.

In Burkina Faso, Sitenga residents flee to take cover in Dori after an attack

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