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quote of the day |  Richard Hito’s blog

quote of the day | Richard Hito’s blog

I am disgusted. Because of a parent’s complaint, my nomination poem [de Joe Biden]And The hill we go upfrom an elementary school in Miami-Dade County, Florida. [….] I wrote The hill we go up So that all young people can recognize themselves in a historical moment. Since then, I’ve received countless letters and videos from kids who have inspired me The hill we go up to write their own poems. Denying children the opportunity to find their way in literature is a violation of their right to freedom of thought and expression. »

Amanda Gormanan American poet, in response to a Florida school’s decision to restrict access to four books, including a collection of poems containing the poem The hill we go upafter complaint from near. While erroneously attributing the collection of poems to Oprah Winfrey, Daily Salinas asserted that the collection of poems is “not educational” and contains “subdirect messages of hate” that are likely to create “confusion” and “indoctrination of students.”

Note: The other three books that elementary school students at the Big Graham Learning Center will not have access to are titled Countries in the news: CubaAnd I love Langston And The ABCs of Black History.

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