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D’eux album honored at SuperFrancoFête: “Céline I can’t believe it,” says her brother Jacques

D’eux album honored at SuperFrancoFête: “Céline I can’t believe it,” says her brother Jacques

Celine Dion learned that she was being honored at SuperFrancoFête and according to her brother Jacques, she was surprised that so many artists agreed to participate in the celebration of the album. twowhich gathered nearly 7,000 people in the Agora de Quebec.

“She even asked me who was on the show,” the star’s older brother confirmed Newspaper Meet before the show starts For You Celine – A Tribute to D’eux AlbumSunday evening.

“I’ve named performers after her, both French and Quebecois, and she can’t believe so many artists are traveling for this album. She likes it very much, and we get along, but she says there could have been ten artists and it could have been They sing songs.

Therefore, it is not only in Quebec, where Mario Pelchat, Bruno Pelletier, Isabelle Boulay, Corneille, Vincent Nicolaud, Roche Voisin, Véronique Dekaire, Axel Redd and many others will sing pieces. two In addition to the singer’s greatest hits, there will be emotion. Celine Dion was also moved.

“Absolutely,” said Jack Dionne. She wrote me two hours before my arrival in Quebec to ask for news. I told her I would be there and think about her often. She asked me to kiss everyone.”

50 debts in Quebec

At least fifty members of Dion’s family traveled to Quebec for the show.

Nothing, if all the brothers, sisters, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren had said yes to the invitation of producer Sylvain Parent-Bedard, up to 120 people would have represented Céline in Quebec.

“I asked Sylvain to be careful when he says he wants to invite the entire Dion family, because sitting together requires complex infrastructure,” Mr. Dion said with a smile.

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the disease ? No answers

Celine Dion was also invited to the show, but it was impossible for her to make the trip to the capital due to her illness, Stiff Person Syndrome, forcing her to put her career on hold.

“She works every day on her health,” says Jack Dionne. This is what is most important now. It is a complex neurological condition, and specialists are trying to discover what is wrong with it and what can treat it. So when we are asked questions about his health condition, we cannot answer. “We will give incorrect answers.”

We can only cross our fingers and hope we get to see her again one day.

“You understand everything, sir.”