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Suzanne Kleiman fell in love with this actor from STAT

Suzanne Kleiman fell in love with this actor from STAT

He met on the set of Daily Filming STAT As the team begins its fourth week of filming, Suzanne Kleiman, of course, talks to us about the series’ surprises, but also about her other projects, including filming a comedy adventure film inspired by the board game. Werewolves.

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Suzanne Kleiman admits she is happy to find the character of Emmanuelle Saint Cyr for season two. “We figured it all out. As we said, Pascal (Tremblay) I enjoyed photographing, but sometimes we would look at each other with a certain fear in our eyes. Now, there are a lot of maneuvers that have been perfected, and that’s really cool, and much more comfortable. So it’s easy to find Emmanuel this year. There, the journey will take everything to another level. Written by Marie-André (labby) It’s tremendous, it has great mastery of this patent, and it’s unique in terms of writing. She masters the characters, the humor, and all the other aspects of the script. And she does it all on her own too! I love when I get text messages, and I love new statuses too. When asked if she had the impression that the public was rediscovering her as this character, she, who had worked in France for several years, acquiesced. “It’s true that I’ve had some nice comments from people telling me they’re happy to have me back. It makes me happy, and that’s no small thing. I didn’t necessarily have any expectations in terms of it, but the response has been really, really nice.”

Wonderful complicity
Many turnovers are also expected for Emanuel over the coming season. “Her quest to try to understand what happened to her husband is certainly not over. Viewers have a lot of questions after the final episode of season one, but my character doesn’t know all that. So Jacob and Emmanuel continue their sometimes stormy relationship. This dynamic is really fun to play, because they’re both very changeable characters, and they embrace it. They admire and respect each other, and generally enjoy working together, but sometimes things change suddenly because one of them gets angry. But it never lasts, because their mutual admiration is too strong and precious for them. “It’s very interesting.” Suzanne takes the opportunity to praise the talent of her co-star Lou Pascal Tremblay, whom she did not know at all before filming. STAT. “Le Pascal, he’s gold in a bar! He’s a very generous playing partner, very open. He’s easy to work with; he’s disciplined and creative, like everyone else in the group, in fact. The whole team is invested.” And his reunion with the rest of the cast was absolutely fun. “On the first day, we shot the Le-Pascal scene, Normandy (of love) And I, we started laughing. It was like crazy laughter from excitement and suspense, like children who have found themselves! It was like that all day, it was electric. Genevieve (Schmidt) We laughed too…we were really excited to see each other again and reconnect with each other.

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A unique experience
All actors who have worked at a daily newspaper agree that it is an unparalleled experience. Susan agrees with them. “It’s really fun. It’s rare that we have that relationship with a character, where we see them develop from day to day. We also explore his sense of humor, his intelligence, his craziness, his relationship with work… There’s fun in that. Especially since there are so many nuances.” The subtleties of Emmanuel. It’s hard to experience grief like you. She loved him, her boyfriend, and he left very quickly. But that doesn’t stop him from loving life and his patients. It’s a bit of WorkaholicI think his grief is going through that. It’s a good outlet for her.” Another great compliment from the audience, Susan has already made such a big impression on viewers with this character that many of them have confessed to her that they would love to have a doctor like her. “That’s a really nice compliment!” she admits.

Parallel projects
One would have thought that with such a demanding shooting schedule, the actress would benefit from the little break she got, but that was not the case. Instead she participated in two other productions! “Yes, I did a couple of projects,” she said with a laugh. She starred in the series Sticky, But since I don’t play a lead role, it was really convenient, even though I was filming on weekends. It happened this spring in Quebec. I also shot a movie in Europe which was still more interesting, but I would say that compared to STATEverything seems easier! “Will you pick me up at 7:30? Wow, I’m finally on vacation!” (He laughs)» About the series Sticky, part of the filming took place on Vieux Saint-Eustache, and it tells the story of a maple syrup heist that occurred 10 years ago, in Saint-Louis-de-Blanford. Jamie Lee Curtis plays the role, in addition to serving as co-producer, as well as several other Quebec actors, including Guillaume Cyr and Guy Nadon.

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As for the film that I filmed, which also stars Jean Reno and Franck Dubosc, it is produced by Netflix and is titled Werewolves It is based on the board game of the same name. Large production required more than 1,200 additions! “It was great to be in Prague for this film! I spent nine weeks there. And then, filming an adventure film is different! It’s a film.” Jumanji. We shot outside almost all the time, in somewhat fictional places. It’s a comedy, but above all it’s a family adventure film. It’s really fun! When I returned to Quebec, I was told that I didn’t get much vacation, but it was still little. I’ve been elsewhere, visited museums, went jogging in parks near castles… Prague is so beautiful! So we understand that even if she was there on business, her stay gave her a good dose of rejuvenation! The next break will come at the end of the fall, while Susan, like all her classmates, is at school STATHe will benefit from three weeks of leave during the holiday period. Would you take the opportunity to shoot a new movie on the other side of the ocean? “I have projects there, but if they are confirmed, it will be more in the spring, after filming STAT», she concludes.

STATMondays to Thursdays at 7 p.m., on Radio-Canada, starting September 11.
The series
Stickyintended for Prime Video, should see the light of day in 2024, just like the movie Werewolveswhich will be available on Netflix.

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