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Dengue fever continues to progress in Kourou

Dengue fever continues to progress in Kourou

Since April 2023, the savannah sector has become the epicenter of a dengue epidemic. Over the past two weeks (since the beginning of September), half of all recorded dengue cases have come from Kourou… and the numbers are continuing to rise.

During the summer vacation, a dengue fever epidemic struck the satellite city. “Of the 172 confirmed cases over the past two weeks known to the municipality of residence, 22 cases were recorded on the West Coast, and 36 cases were recorded on the island of Cayenne. 86 in the savanna strip And two on Maroni“, notes Santé Publique France in its epidemiological update of September 14.

The number of visits to the emergency room at CHK has remained stable at a high level over the past two weeks, with 81 visits recorded in total over 15 days (compared to 70 in S33 and S34). Of these sections, 20 people were hospitalized on West 35th and 36th (compared to 10 in West 33rd and 34th)

With the arrival of the rainy season, which is conducive to the development of mosquito larvae, Guyana’s regional health agency fears this growth will continue. Prevention campaigns will then be strengthenedannounces ARS in Professional letter dated September 15. Good feedback is remembered, here they are:

Empty containers likely to hold water (especially flower pots), clean gutters, wear long clothing and use repellents at the beginning and end of the day, the times when Aedes aegypti bites the most, and sleep under a mosquito net.

Pro ARS Guyana Message – September 15