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Bourbon Lancy.  Isabelle Nogues displays her paintings in the Robert Cochet space

Bourbon Lancy. Isabelle Nogues displays her paintings in the Robert Cochet space

up to 1any In October, the Robert Cochet space hosts an exhibition of paintings in two parts. On one side, there are about forty paintings created by Isabel Nogues, and in the small room, works created by 17 of her students from her art workshop. “We meet every Monday and Tuesday to draw and share our common passion: drawing,” explains the artist, who continues, “Drawing holds an important place, even for most of us, and is essential for our balance and well-being.” Isabelle Nugues moved to Neuvy-Grandchamp in 2013. “I have always loved drawing. My mother, who was an artist, enrolled me in an art workshop when I was 5 years old. I had no choice but to cross the street to find myself in a magical atmosphere full of colors and the smells of turpentine. loved it. »

Serial work

Throughout her life and travels, Isabelle never abandoned this passion. She never studied fine arts, but with basic training and a desire to improve and discover new things, she progressed and developed. His work was always executed in several periods: there are the ostriches, then the dented CV, then the reds, the yellows, the turquoise blues, the flowers from the garden. Today there is more gold and copper. It has the peculiarity of having several paintings in progress at the same time. It is true that while some take only a few hours to complete, others remain on the easel for years sometimes. “The fact that the painting was completed so quickly means that sometimes it was able to be finished long before.” Other times it is longer “I work from photographs that I interpret. I change colours. I only keep the essentials. As for the photographs, they are random pictures taken during travels.” “Or what people bring me. If that inspires me, I start painting and then I will create my own character.” Isabelle paints a lot in series and as soon as she decides the painting is finished she puts her signature and never goes back to it.

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The exhibition can be seen at the Robert-Cochet space, rue Pingré de Farivilliers, on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 6 p.m. to 1 p.m.any October. Free access.