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Demi Moore: She broke up with Daniel Hamm and is spending time with Bruce Willis

Demi Moore: She broke up with Daniel Hamm and is spending time with Bruce Willis

Just months after opening her heart to Daniel Hamm, Demi Moore called it quits. But it is impossible to fall into depression! The actress would indeed ” Very happy “, According to a relative who interviewed them People. Very close to her ex-husband, Bruce Willis, she spent time with him on December 6, 2022. Then a smiling Demi Moore appearsAnd his dog in his arms. It must be said that the couple remained very united. Three daughters: Rumer (34), Kashaf (31), and Tallulah (28 years old), They have maintained a very strong relationship. So much so that it was the actress who revealed the actor’s illness to the general public.

Demi Moore announces that Bruce Willis is sick

In an Instagram post, she wrote: To our amazing Bruce fans, as a family we wanted to let you know that our beloved Bruce has been suffering from health issues and has recently been diagnosed with aphasia which is affecting his cognitive abilities. As a result, after careful consideration, Bruce gave up this profession, which meant so much to him. To be specific: This is a really difficult time for our family and we appreciate your love, Your sympathy and support.

Demi Moore He is still very close to Bruce Willis’ family And he enjoys sharing his time with the actor. ” Demi was in constant contact with Bruce and Emma. She takes every opportunity to spend time with him. If she isn’t by his side, she calls him on the phone so Bruce can hear her voice. A beautiful relationship that proves that separation is not always synonymous with sudden rupture and conflict. Bruce Willis Thus a former comrade can be counted on to support him.

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