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Delphine Batho regrets the bill's "modalities" but defends the need to follow the "recommendations" of the scientific council

Delphine Batho regrets the bill’s “modalities” but defends the need to follow the “recommendations” of the scientific council

“I do not agree with all the provisions of the law, especially with regard to methods of checks and dismissals, but in liability abstained”France Inter guest Delphine Batho said Friday, July 23, a few hours after the National Assembly adopted the anti-Covid bill, which provides for a controversial extension of the health card and vaccination obligation for caregivers.

Dukes Sefer’s deputy and primary candidate is favored by environmentalists in the presidential election “Focus on the responsibility of the citizens”And the “Trust them”, considering that “It is not the responsibility of the coffee maker or the owner of the restaurant to conduct the tests”.

Despite her disagreement with the text, she said she was convinced that the advice of the Scientific Council should be followed. “As an ecologist, I refer to science and there is, in this act, the opinion of the Scientific Council is very clear about the fourth wave that is happening, about the delta variant, so you have to be vaccinated and understand that attending a certain number of places, you have to be vaccinated or take a reaction test negative chain reaction polymerase, was accurate.

“When you have an opinion from the scientific board that makes the recommendations, you can’t follow them, or else you put lives at risk.”

Delphine Batho, Member of Parliament for Deux-Sèvres

in France Inter

So she did not oppose the bill because she “Now we hope that this text will go to the Senate, and then go to the Constitutional Council and that solutions can be found to protect itself from the epidemic by respecting and protecting public liberties.”

He also denounced the environmental candidate for the presidential elections These decisions are in one hand.And the This concentration of power.And the “presidential” that you wish to cancel. Delphine Batho promised to make her fight if elected president: “The first thing I would do is declare a climate emergency, the second is a law that separates state interests from private interests, and the third effectively abolishes the presidential system and leads to profound institutional change which is the requirement to be able to act and transform society.”