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Carcassonne.  Seek out shared green space or gardens in Saint Jacques

Carcassonne. Seek out shared green space or gardens in Saint Jacques

A group has been created in the neighborhood. Objective: Ask the city council to pre-empt a 6,500 square meter plot of land to create green space or communal gardens.

The land remains unbuilt, covering more than 6,500 square metres, behind the service station located on the Via de Lemoux in Carcassonne. Private land about to be sold by its owner and classified as buildable in the local urban plan. So nothing a priori prevents us from supporting a real estate project in the future.

Concrete pouring

But the “Saint-Jacques/Le Viguier Group”, an association formed at the present time for a small group of the population, decided to distribute a petition opposing any construction in this area. “Once again our environment is threatened by real estate projects that do not take into account the needs of the neighborhood residents.”Can we read the text of the petition?

Particularly leading this approach are some residents who previously opposed the sale of Sapinettes’ land in Viguier, land that was to house a pharmacy and physiotherapist’s office, and which was finally purchased by Town Hall to leave in space. the green.

This is not what the collective author of the petition is asking. The green space of the Qanatir gardens […] It is handed over to the envy of the builders who will help speed up the pouring of concrete in this space. We must mobilize by asking the municipality of Carcassonne to exercise its right of pre-emption with the aim of creating a landscaped garden and communal gardens for our families.“Among other things, this petition that has only started circulating in the region. And the case will continue.”

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