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Decathlon: A disaster for Damian Warner

Decathlon: A disaster for Damian Warner

Canadian decathlon Olympic champion Damien Warner watched his day end in a fishtail at the World Championships in Athletics Saturday in Eugene, Oregon.

Warner had to retire in the middle of the 400m, presumably because he was bothered by his strained leg. He did not score any points in the event, putting an end to his adventure in the World Championships.

However, Ontario led the field before the race thanks to a total of 3,696 points.

The other representative of the maple leaf competing in this Western US competition, Pierce Lepage, finished the day strong to take second place overall with 4,485 points. Puerto Rico Aiden Owens-Delerm leads the field with 4,606 points.

It was Warner who dominated the 100 meters with a time of 10.27 seconds. He was also the one who scored the most points in the long jump, at a distance of 7.87 metres.

The last five events of the decathlon will take place on Sunday.

Marco Arup Bronze

Meanwhile, 23-year-old Canadian athlete Marco Arup won the bronze medal in the 800m.

Arup, who failed to qualify for the Olympic final in Tokyo at this distance, almost lost his footing at the start of the race, but recovered well by posting a time of 1 minute 44 28 seconds.

Kenyan Emmanuel Kibkoroy Courier climbed to the top of the podium, closely followed by Algerian Jamal Sedjati.

Arup qualified for the 800m final after finishing second in the semi-finals on Thursday.

In addition, Canadian Brandon McBride, who crashed in the playoffs, announced on Instagram that he had broken his foot.

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