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Debate Play – Thoth Corsus

Debate Play – Thoth Corsus

The debate game is an educational tool to spark young people’s interest in science by questioning the uses and impacts of science, especially digital science, in society and everyday life. Following a thematic series on artificial intelligence, the Knowledge Tree Association, with the support of Inria, presents new work on digital technology in sport.

Through Jouer à Débattre (JAD), the Tree of Knowledge provides educational and cultural professionals with educational materials free of charge, to interest young people (from 13 years old) in science in a different way and introduce them to citizen debate, thanks to a fun and interdisciplinary approach. Through role-playing that leads them to embody situations and make decisions, young people can deal with complex questions, with nuance, about concrete things, and thus reflect on the benefits and risks associated with scientific and technological innovation.

Since 2018, Knowledge Tree has collaborated with Inria to produce resources on digital science, including a thematic series on the uses of AI in different fields (transport, health, security) and, today, a new means of discussion on digital technology in sports.

Regarding the article: Digital technology in sports: debate practice, innovative educational support to introduce young people to scientific and societal debate

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