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D.C. motorists, here’s the work ahead of you this fall

D.C. motorists, here’s the work ahead of you this fall

Orange cones will still be very numerous in the urban area by the end of 2023.

Along with spokespersons for the Ministry of Transportation and the City of Montreal, TVA Nouvelles gives you an overview of the work that awaits motorists in Greater Montreal this fall.

TVA News screenshot

Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine Bridge Tunnel

“The work takes place mainly at night, evenings and weekends. It changes from week to week, from day to day, but in general, from day to day in the tunnel heading to Montreal, we have two lanes in each direction. Ministry of Transport spokesman Louis-André Bertrand explains that “ The road leading to South Beach is where there is the most traffic.”

“We started, a few weeks ago, adding additional thickness to the concrete, and all the work we did to re-concrete to actually re-insulate the tunnel,” he adds.

St. Pierre traded over Thanksgiving weekend

“The St. Pierre intersection on Route 20 East is closed. According to our forecast, this weekend will be the busiest. The work includes pouring concrete under the structure. “We could see travel times increase by another 60 minutes,” says Mr Bertrand.

Ile aux Tourts Bridge in the west

“At the moment, we have two lanes in each direction and repair work is underway. By 2026, with the gradual opening of the new Ile aux Tours bridge, there will be necessary repair works to the existing structure, which has become outdated, for these maintenance works,” says a Ministry of Transport spokesman.

Other important projects

The 15, 440 and 13 will also need to be monitored in the coming weeks, among others due to asphalt works.

The situation will not be rosier in Montreal, especially downtown.

“We see here, on the one hand, the coexistence of a major construction site in Champlain, but also from the additional traffic on Sherbrooke Street,” says Montreal city spokesman Philippe Sabourin.

“Let’s not forget the traffic from the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel which brings heaviness to Sherbrooke, Notre-Dame and Papineau. Pie-IX Boulevard, if you are not already a fan of the SRB and drive your car, it is certain that until the end of autumn, we will have a major closure. He adds: “The rest will complete about 60% of our projects by the end of the fall.”

To watch the full report, watch the video above.