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Au Comptoir de l'Étang, au Techn'hom, le pass sanitaire n'est pas obligatoire.

Currently, Techn’hom de Belfort’s restaurants are exempt from the sanitation permit

Since Monday, August 9, those without a health permit can no longer go to the restaurant. You must have recently been vaccinated, cured of COVID or tested so you can sit in the room to eat. With one exception: corporate restaurants. These establishments are under no obligation to require their customers to present their QR code at the entrance. Such is the case at Comptoir de l’Étang, at Techn’hom in Belfort, which welcomes employees from GE, Alstom and even Orange. over there, Measurement is convenience For those who have not yet received a dose.

At the entrance to the restaurant, Michelle, who works for GE, is about to enter. He has not been vaccinated and is worried about not being able to go to the counter. “Last night I heard that corporate restaurants were unaffected, hissed with relief. How are the employees doing to eat? The government did not prevent us from eating in any way“, Mocked.

Unfair competition?

But among the midday customers is Regis, the pollinator gardener Came with a colleague who was not finished yet. They do not work at Techn’hom but on a construction site in Belfort: if they go to this restaurant, it is precisely because you do not have to present your pass. “As we actually arrived, we came back and were never asked for anything. There are a lot of places we can’t go, so it’s good for us‘, he explains.

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This practice is tolerate the law According to Chef Mikhail Lemrett. However, there is no question It has become a manhunt for all unvaccinated people in Belfort Who wants to keep going to restaurants? At the moment, this phenomenon is very limited but does not exclude the implementation of censorship. “Respect the protocol. If we see that there are a lot of people outside Technum who come to eat with us, we will have to check. It will be unfair competition to the owners of neighboring restaurantsThis competition is already making the teeth of some of the city’s ‘classic’ restaurants cringe.