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Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft will not be available on other consoles

Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft will not be available on other consoles

Contrary to what Redmond announced a few years agoThe Game Pass offer should remain exclusive to Xbox for now.

In an interview with GamesRadarXbox CEO Phil Spencer has spread the bad news. “We don’t have any plans to bring it to other types of closed platforms right now, basically Because these closed platforms don’t want anything like Game Pass. There are a lot of open platforms that we can scale: web, PC and mobile. So all of our focus, frankly, is on these platforms.

Thus, the Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4 and 5 will be very “closed” according to the CEO.. “It is not an attack on those who have a system that works for them. I can understand why Game Pass doesn’t want something they want right now.

Microsoft’s lucrative subscription may be too disruptive for the competition, which continues to sell games”old or old“, where Redmond is trying to successfully develop. However, the head of Xbox does not close the door upon arrival”Xbox Experienceon other consoles.

in the end of the day‘He said with a smile,’When we say we want everyone to be able to play on xbox, we really mean it If we can bring this full experience to a device that gamers want, we are fully open to such discussions.

In short, the ball is in Sony and Nintendo’s court.

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