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Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee strongly opposes uranium mining

Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee strongly opposes uranium mining

The cries of Io Ecchi on Friday reiterated their fierce opposition to any uranium mining on its soil, in Nord de Quebec.

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This opposition movement is particularly violent towards the Matusz uranium project, in the Ute Mountains, some 210 kilometers northeast of Mestini. The uranium content at the site is among the highest in the world.

This project was first implemented by Strateco Resources Inc. The project is located in the family fishing area of ​​the Cree Nation of Mistissini and on top of two large watersheds providing water to the entire Eeyou Istchee.

“The social acceptance of the development projects proposed to the Cree Nation in Io-ii was recognized as an essential aspect of the strong inter-nation relationship that existed between the Cree Nation and Quebec,” he said. Friday announced the great leader, Abel Bossum, in a press release.

In 2013, the Minister of the Environment of Quebec did not give Strateco permission to proceed with the advanced exploration program, due to the apparent and critical lack of social acceptance of the Matouch mine project from the Cree community.

Thomas Neposch, President of Mestesini, asserted that “People, especially the young, have played a crucial role in the education and work of the Cree nation regarding the dangers of uranium mining in Io-ichi.” .

The Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee lies north of Abitibi-Témiscamingue.

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