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Created by Netflix this year and they can cancel it

the one It is a popular science fiction series that has captivated the masses. Netflix It became one of the most viewed content on the platform. Based on the novel You are By John Marrs, it presents a dystopian future where couples are satisfied thanks to a DNA test that accurately indicates the right person to share a romantic, love-filled life.

Rebecca Webb He is the character who guides the fate of the company with the ability to match anyone whose DNA indicates ideal life companions. The series puts her in a special place at the same time surrounded by mystery. Especially when it comes to a lifeless body they find floating in the Thames. Suspense!

Will they cancel The One?

Many are waiting for the next installment of episodes for an in-depth analysis of the couple Hannah and MarkThese personalities who dare to question the results discarded by DNA and the possibility of finally finding the perfect partner after so long. Is there anything like this? The fact is that the author of the novel gave the show, Howard OffermanAbsolute freedom of creativity in terms of content.

What does this mean for the one? The novel does not have a sequel and if there is another season it will be new content prepared by the team responsible for the program we saw in it Netflix. The problem is that the streaming giant has yet to confirm the next set of episodes for the series and many of its fans the one They are tense. Remember that the most successful platform does not shiver with cancellation.

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the one It remains in the top 10 of the broadcast list Netflix For several days since the premiere, he has shown a wide interest of subscribers in the service, which indicates the possibility of moving the show forward with a new season. done by Hana Weir, Louis Chimba, Zoe Taber, Dimitri Leonidas, Diarmed Murtag, Eric Coffey Abreva and Jana PerezAmong other things, the program has the ability to stay upright for a new cycle.

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