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The notch is a “smart way” to give users more space, according to Apple

The new MacBook Pros are the first computers from Apple to take on a notch like the iPhones. Particularly controversial is that this degree is, according to Apple, a “smart way” to give users more space.

New MacBook Pro 14 and 16 launched last week with M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets It has a controversial peculiarity in terms of its design. These are the first Apple computers you welcome Degree Like those on iPhones for several years.

MacBook Pro 16-inch with notch – Credit: Apple

The new iPhone 13 notch is More discreet than previous models as seen in our test, but it still exists. On the MacBook Pro side, the notch is allowed Reduce side borders by 24% Compared to previous MacBook Pros. Now the border measures only 3.5 mm on both sides of the screen. At the top, the border 60% softer As well as measuring 3.5 mm.

There is no consensus on the MacBook Pro, but Apple finds it necessary

Nobody expected to even see a notch on the MacBook ProAd leaked at the last minute. However, this degree does not appeal to all users. It is technically necessary to reduce the limits while still Save webcam.

Either way, Apple defended that decision. Mac product line manager and lead presenter last week, Shruti Haldia, provided further clarification in an interview with the podcast. same brain.

Ceylon Shruti Haldia, « What we did is we made the screen bigger […] So it’s a really smart way to give you more space for your content, and when you’re in full screen you have a 16:10 window which is great. Additionally, users will be able to make the notch more mysterious with macOS. For example, OS dark mode It makes it less obvious.

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in full screen mode, macOS apps add a thin black border At the top of the screen is the same thickness as the notch. Developers can also choose to display the content of their apps on either side of the notch. In any case, the notch could become an endemic feature in MacBooks. Next year, The MacBook Air M2 will also go up to the mark with a very thin white border.

Source : Mac rumors