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“Crazy experiment”: two Dragona associations invite themselves to a show dedicated to technological innovation in Las Vegas

“Crazy experiment”: two Dragona associations invite themselves to a show dedicated to technological innovation in Las Vegas

“he There is real positive and creative energy. We can feel it brewing! ” Christoph Silves and his team have just returned from the prestigious Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, one of the most important trade shows dedicated to technological innovation.

About fifteen years ago, the commercial director of Comlight, a Dracénoise company specializing in IT, wrote down the event in his diary. So far as a visitor “To observe the latest technologies and trends and learn about Anglo-Saxon business culture”.

But since last year, Comlight has had its own take on the event. “For us, the idea is obviously to promote our company, but also highlight our region.”

So the company takes with it active Dracénoise structures: “We seek to implement innovative and meaningful projects. Economically, I think I have received a lot in life. In my view, it is important to know how to give back, with this idea of ​​a social dimension.”

This year, it was the turn of Mode 83 and Résine Media to be part of the journey, two associations specialized in developing and promoting digital uses.

Crazy experience

“It was a bit of a crazy experience, we couldn't see the days go by…” says Christelle Brochet, Director of Résine.

She was responsible for the virtual walking project in the Middle Ages in Draguina (1). A fun and educational tour that immerses the visitor in the Middle Ages using digital tablets. The goal: to show the city from a different perspective, and to restore its past by exploring its history.

As for Vincent Giolito, director of Mod 83, he supported the Mobilita 2 project, which is currently undergoing the final testing phase. Mobility application, carpooling type, for businesses and communities.

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Facing approach

The on-site pavilion is linked to the French Tech Pavilion and the French Pavilion. We imagine there's excitement in the runways. “CES's reputation is solid. It remains the world's showcase for technology innovation. Here, we have a surplus,” Christoph Silves explains.

For the Dracénoise associations, the idea was clearly to promote their projects above all. “Confirm that in the Var region, in Draguina, high-quality digital projects are implemented with real expertise!”

But the aim was also to confront other ways of working. “For example, we have exchanged a lot with development companies whose project path differs from ours, especially in developing specifications, Christophe and Christelle explained. The opportunity to see that there is no miracle recipe for building a project. “But the recipes are different, and they're all equally functional.”

1. A project initiated and financed by the city of Draguignan.

2. A project prepared at the request of the Regional Directorate of Employment, Labor and Solidarity.

Christelle Brochet, Director of Résine Media, and Vincent Giolitto, Director of Mode 83, accompanied Dracénoise Comlight to CES in Las Vegas. (Photos D).

“I loved introducing Americans to Dragona.”

Obviously, CES is a special environment. Even more so when you never set foot there. To showcase their achievements, those responsible for Mode 83 and Résine had to change their habits. “We had to adapt the way we implement our projects. By preferring an entry point that consists of asking questions, they are detailed. For example, for Mobyletta, we can start the discussion as follows: ‘In your company, do you know how many People accompanying the car?
Because according to them, “this niche American audience doesn’t really like overly formal introductory ‘shows’.” We have to call them quickly to convince them. So we learned to advance the presentation of our tools. »
Something they set out meticulously. With good feedback at the end.
Constructive exchanges
“On the Medieval Tour, we presented the project on a board in which we described the city: the walls, the streets… It was nice to see people interacting with the 'Whaou'. I loved introducing Americans to Draignan, smiles Christelle Brochet. Especially since they are fond of everything related to the Middle Ages and dragons.” …and historical heritage.”
From situation to situation, the Dracénois increased their communications. “In general, the discussions were constructive. There, people really listen and seek to understand the content of the projects. We have expanded our address book with developers, especially with players based in Quebec. »
Whether these connections will bear fruit is an open question. “There are a lot of people at the fair. “It generally takes several months to gauge the scope of the exchanges,” confirms Christoph Silves. He intends to do this again next year. “We hope that we can gather a few local players for the next edition, always with purposeful projects.” . »

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