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Pokemon Arceus Legends: The entire Pokédex has been leaked

Pokemon Arceus Legends: The entire Pokédex has been leaked

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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This is very bad news for Nintendo. Pokémon Legends Arceus Pokédex has been fully revealed in a massive leak. A completely illegal link is running on social networks.

Pokémon Legends Arceus arrives January 28th on Switch exclusively. Nintendo is preparing for the coming of the new episode of a major franchise by announcing a partnership With Tetris 99. Unfortunately, the Japanese giant is affected by a huge leak. On Google Drive, the user has uploaded the entire Pokédex in Pokémon Legends Arceus. With respect to Nintendo’s intellectual property, We will not share this completely illegal link. We looked at the file and here’s basically what can be found. Warning: Do not read the lines to follow if you want to keep a surprise about the content of the game.

Pokemon legends Arceus Pokédex fully leaked

Big future game leak – credit(s): Nintendo, Game Freak

This is a folder made up of several hundred images. We discover all Pokémon Legends Arceus creatures between the old and new generations. This leak also reveals glossy version who are they. In other words, a huge leak for fans of the franchise. It is not known how these images were obtained, but since their publication, Google Drive links have been shared on social networks. Faced with such an important revelation, we imagine it nintendo You will take prompt action. among creatures, There is Porygon, Cerfrousse, Steelix, Zarbi, Ectoplasm, Magicarpe … In short, the list is long and promises hours of pickup.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus It takes place in Hisui. This area, now known as Snoh, is full of creatures to tame. For this, the player benefits from several methods such as exploration, combat, or even a softer approach. The main character belongs to the researchers of the Galaxy group and must explore Mount Crowned and its surroundings to create the first Pokédex. Along the path of the hero, known names and new monsters. This leak confirms once again that the title is blending several generations for great completeness. With this game, Game Freak introduces a new way to a series that is struggling to renew itself.