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After six years of relationship, Taylor Swift is no longer in a relationship with Joe Alwyn

Saturday media Entertainment tonight He claimed that Taylor Swift and British actor Joe Alwyn broke up “a few weeks ago”, after six years of relationship.

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A source insisted that the split “wasn’t dramatic” and that “the relationship took its course. Here’s why [Joe] He was not seen at any concert.

Taylor started his tour IRAS Tour in Glendale, Arizona, last month and is scheduled to perform in Tampa, Florida, on April 13.

The star’s representatives have not yet commented on the information.

Taylor, 33, and Joe have always kept the details of their relationship under wraps, though in April 2022, the star Conversations with friends He dismissed engagement rumors.

Singer Taylor Swift joked, “If I had a pound for every time I think I was told I was engaged, I would have a lot of money.” “The truth is, if the answer is yes, I won’t say it, and if the answer is no, I won’t say it.”

Taylor and Joe started dating in September 2016.

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