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Cope de theatre: Australia advises against 5th dose due to “minimal impact” of vaccine

According to press release Reuters Australian Health Minister Mark Butler confirmed that Australian authorities have made the decision to advise against the 5th and 3rd booster doses, citing the vaccine’s “minimal impact” on spreading the virus.

Australia advises its citizens against the 5th dose. As a new wave is emerging, Australian authorities have taken the completely unexpected decision of advising their citizens against the fifth dose. This is the information our media learned from the press agency on November 15. Reuters.

In fact, according to this source, the Australian Science Council (Australian Technical Advisory Committee Immunization Committee) made this decision after looking at a recent study that reported minimal impact of the vaccine on the spread of the virus. Australian Health Minister Mark Butler confirmed the information contacted Press release read by our editorial staff and published on November 15.

“The scientific council has collected international and local data and decided not to recommend a 5th or 3rd booster dose at this stage,” he said, stressing that the latest wave affecting the country was “short and small” at the moment.

The unannounced news sparked reactions on social networks. For some it’s back to common sense.

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