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A jogger on the Gironde beach retrieves a bottle from the sea: it contains a letter from America

A jogger on the Gironde beach retrieves a bottle from the sea: it contains a letter from America

A teacher jogging on the beach in Montelivet finds a bottle containing a letter in the sea. Message sent from USA in March 2022.

This Wednesday, January 3, when he went jogging on the beach of Montalivet (Gronde), Jean Rouchat certainly did not expect such a discovery. This Perigord history and geography teacher found a bottle from the sea while jogging.

Inside the shell-covered object was a letter. “This morning, by chance, I saw a bottle. There was some writing on it. I took it home and opened it,” said the professor. France 3.

The letter contained a touching message from a daughter to her dead father. This letter is written in English by Jodi Thomas. But the letter's original address and date of dispatch are surprising: the message was sent on March 19, 2022, from Provincetown, Boston Bay, USA.

In detail, she explains that “her father is the light of her life.” The father was a boat captain, “He was a pilot in Boston Harbor, obviously,” explains Jean Rouchat. “There is something very mystical and intimate, but at the same time, it is very universal,” explains the professor.

The author of the letter communicated on social networks

“You are my hero. You loved yourself, admired you, loved you for who you were, were generous, fundamentally loving. I am proud to be your daughter. We know that time changes everything and nothing stays the same. But my love and admiration for you. Always be there.Let's read in the letter.

After searching for the young woman on social networks, Jean Rouchat managed to contact her. The American took a moment to respond. “She confirmed everything I found out about her father's life. And she explained to me that when she was overwhelmed with grief, she wrote to him,” says the professor.

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The discovery, published on the Facebook page of the municipality of Montalivet, sparked strong emotions among residents who rallied together to translate the letter.