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Conflict in SAQ: negotiations will resume on Monday

Conflict in SAQ: negotiations will resume on Monday

Union negotiations for warehouse and delivery staff at the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) will resume on Monday.

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“After fruitful discussions, a break is needed. The union (CUPE 3535), which represents 800 or so workers in the dispute, said on Thursday that the two sides would continue talks next Monday.

It is reported that negotiations resumed after warehouse workers 86% on Monday rejected the initial agreement reached with the employer last week.

“With the holiday approaching, we are doing everything we can to reach a new agreement. We will take a few days off, because both parties have to do their homework in order to come back on Monday with proposals,” CUPE counselor Michel Gratton said.

With nearly 122,000 members in Quebec, CUPE represents 8650 members of Quebec’s road transport. CUPE is present in the sectors of Social Affairs, Communications, Education and Crown Companies, among others.

“I think everyone wants access [à une entente]. It seems that there are negotiations and contacts. Everyone wants to reach an agreement. Labor relations expert Jonathan Plamondon notes that the pressure is strong.”

Meanwhile, with 80 trucks on hand and extra time if needed, warehouse workers continue to work to restock SAQ branches whose shelves have been very empty in recent days.

Among the restaurants, there was a significant restocking of supplies. Not to risk, Resto Bar Le Brasier 1908 owner in Trois-Rivières took a round trip to Montreal this week to collect a prized bag of privately imported wine meant for him. “The agencies tell us we come straight to the warehouse. We just delivered an order. You’ll be able to pick it up. That’s really how we run,” explained Yves Baudouin. The misfortune of some makes others happiness. A Mauricie winemaker sees the demand for his bottles It grows strong on grocery store shelves.“It seems to have an impact on people getting our wine, Quebec wine, and other wines in the grocery store network” Frederic Gilinas of Domaine and Vince Gilinas de Saint-Severe rejoiced.

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With information from Louis Cloutier