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Comedian Yannick DiMartino has had to cancel shows after major jaw surgery

Comedian Yannick DiMartino has had to cancel shows after major jaw surgery

Yannick DiMartino has been in bad shape for a few weeks now. Via the Facebook page of today’s pop-up festival in Abitibi-Témiscamingue (FHE), the comedian announced that he had to withdraw due to his scheduled 1any July, due to recent surgery. “My condition was so volatile and the deadlines so short, we had to resign ourselves to finding me a replacement for this edition.”

1any This past May, Yannick DiMartino underwent a surgery called a double jaw osteotomy to “correct a problem I’ve had for a long time that’s starting to cause me new problems and pain.”

The comedian explains in a lengthy Facebook post that the process basically consists of “breaking your face in to set it in the best possible way, and then we fix it in the new position with the flaps we do.” drills through your face.

However, it seems that the surgeons will not explain to him exactly how this operation will take place. “Otherwise I might have, how do I say, let it happen.”

Yannick DiMartino then recounts that he underwent painful surgery the first month, “His face is swollen, like Mario Bros. in Super Nintendo when he eats a balloon to fly… I looked like people who had botched plastic surgery.”

He says it’s better now. He started talking again and “eating slack”.

His current problem is that the screw has moved and needs to be adjusted. “I have the same old android problems.”

This screw was not removed until August 30th. “Only on that day will I know whether to change the entire plate under general anesthesia or just screw it under local anesthesia. Let’s say I prefer scenario B.”

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The comedian’s manager, Geoff Bathurst, told L.L.C register That Yannick DiMartino won’t miss his posts on ComediHa! Fest-Québec scheduled for August. “Everything will go as planned. The FHE Festival and only some performances or evenings have been canceled or postponed.

FHE has announced that Jean-Michel Martel will replace Yannick Di Martino at the 1any July.