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Combine work and holidays, a new trend

Combine work and holidays, a new trend

“Tracances,” which is short for “work” and “vacations,” is a new trend in our society. Some companies allow their employees to work remotely from all over the world. Is it a good idea or not? Annie Boillard, human resources specialist, trainer, and speaker, and Valentine Morris, director of marketing, offer their expertise and opinions on the topic.

Valentin Maurice works regularly in his native country, France. “It’s not the idea of ​​working while you’re on vacation,” specifies Annie Boillard, “but sometimes, you can up the fun with tracing.”

Almost 25% of companies allow tracking. Companies often have an official tracking policy. »

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Annie Boillard, Human Resources Specialist

The HR expert determines that the “effects” have a finite duration and that they occur somewhere other than the usual workplace. Also, the employee adapts to the reality and time zone of his colleagues and clients. “The important thing is to be prepared,” adds Valentine Morris.

Finally, Annie Boillard reviews the challenges posed by “trackings” to productivity, and discusses labor legislation depending on the country in which you work.

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