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Donald Trump and the criminalization of politics

Donald Trump and the criminalization of politics

We’ve been hearing the chants of businessman and politician Donald Trump for seven years now.

Expressions like “deep state” or “witch hunt” are now familiar to us. His supporters are convinced that he is the victim of the unbearable cruelty of the elites. The intervention of the People’s Champion, the only one who can put an end to corruption to finally restore the country’s greatness.

Historical accumulation of expenses

Donald Trump did not invent corruption and influence peddling in Washington, far from it. A president like William Harding died before facing justice and we know better the story of Richard Nixon.

Faced with overwhelming evidence, Nixon chose to resign over the disastrous landscape of the impeachment process.

In other times, and in other traditions, the 45th president has already survived two impeachment procedures. Not because the evidence was insufficient, but because the process was eminently political.

Last week, the Fulton County, Georgia district attorney, Fannie Willis, filed charges against the former president and eighteen of his alleged accomplices.

This will be the fourth major trial Donald Trump will face.

Charged in New York in a fraud story, he also twice faced charges from Special Prosecutor Jack Smith.

The latter criticizes him at first for managing classified documents, which he refused to return on many occasions, and also accuses him in the file of the assault on the Capitol in January 2021.

He stands on the wall and bets everything on the political map

Facing a total of 91 counts, already convicted of sexual assault, Donald Trump continues despite all his lies and denials, while attacking prosecutors or judges.

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Why act like this when elementary prudence should encourage self-control? Because many supporters still believe him and because he hopes to win the 2024 presidential election.

His supporters, through their generous contributions, indirectly pay for his legal costs and are the ones who keep him alive politically. For the Republican Party, Donald Trump’s candidacy is heartbreaking.

If we remain loyal to Trump, the odds of defeat in 2024 are high. If he is removed, it is his supporters who are provoked, and without them there is no victory.

criminal enterprise

After the recent charges in Georgia, three things should catch your eye.

Initially, TV cameras will be allowed in the room. If we fear it will turn into a circus due to the nature of Trump, we must also bear in mind that a live broadcast of evidence will do nothing to restore the billionaire’s image.

Secondly, according to specific procedures in Georgia, Donald Trump cannot consider giving himself a presidential pardon if he wins in 2024. It will be difficult for him to get one from the governor of the state because the latter will not be the only one to decide.

Finally, Prosecutor Willis will invoke the RICO Act used in trials related to organized crime, the Mafia.

Here we are in 2023. A former president tried to nullify the results of a legitimate election. To do so, he would coordinate his efforts with eighteen other defendants, envisioning a scheme interwoven between intimidation, use of false documents, lies, oath-breaking, and obstruction of justice.

Once again, the fate of democracy and the integrity of the regime will be at stake.