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Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki have announced their divorce

Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki have announced their divorce

And in a storm of criticism and speculation, the sky fell on the head of Cole Caufield, CH's still disappointing young forward.

On the airwaves of 98.5 FM, Danny Dube's comments echoed like thunder, announcing an imminent change in the team's hierarchy.

“I can not lie”Dobby announced in a serious tone.

“Slavkowski and Suzuki have much better chemistry than Suzuki and Caufield.” His words were followed by affirmations in support of Pierre McGuire, which added weight to this heavy statement. It is clear that the alliance between Suzuki and Caufield will end.

Rumors spread like wildfire: newcomer Kirby Dutch was the one to fill the spot alongside Caufield starting next season.

A divorce between Suzuki and Caufield seems inevitable, signaling dark times for the young striker… or a return of light alongside Dutch…

For Cole Coffield, this period of uncertainty represents an enormous challenge. The expectations placed on him were already overwhelming, but now he had to face the harsh reality of public criticism and constant speculation about his future with the team.

Yet, in the midst of this media storm, Coffield swears he remains determined. He refuses to let doubts overwhelm him and doubles his efforts with every training session. He knows that in order to regain his place at the top, he will have to prove his value on the ice, game after game. But for the first time in his life, Suzuki won't be able to save his ass.

The divorce between the two friends will be confirmed. Cole Caufield should be ready to take on the challenge, and fight for his spot with the Montreal Canadiens.

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Because in the end, it is on the ice that his true fate is decided, not in his relationship with Nick Suzuki.

Caufield must prove to all of us that he is worthy of wearing the coveted blue, white and red jacket… with or without the Suzuki Ice Woman….