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Cole Coffield falls into a state of pity

Cole Coffield falls into a state of pity

The media takes pity on Cole Caufield. Even independent media are usually harsher than traditional media.

In an extraordinary wave of sympathy, independent voices like Jan Trudel have emerged from the podcast Stanley25expressed their keen desire to see Coffield rediscover the joy of playing without being overwhelmed by pressure.

@9million_ #Stanley25 Cole Caufield's feelings and the pressure of playing in Montreal. Excerpt from Stanley25's podcast. #gantrudel #Max Truman ♬ original sound – 9 million

It's undeniable that Coffield has exceptional talent, like a diamond in the rough… a flower, but one that grows in the mud.

Let's forget his party life in bars or his love life on online platforms. If he performed on ice, we wouldn't be talking about his wild life in bars.

But with financial recognition and his amazing contract also come overwhelming expectations. The media, realizing the burden this pressure represents, began to lower their expectations.

They are now content to dream of a world in which Caufield reaches “only” 35 goals a season, as if that is the maximum that can be achieved.

@9million_ #stanley25 People complain when they want us to lower our expectations of Caufield and Rhinebacker. Excerpt from Stanley25's podcast. #Max Truman #gantrudel ♬ original sound – 9 million

However, the question remains: Why do we pity Caufield? After all, he's paid nearly $8 million a year to score goals.

Some say it's important to take care of your mental health, but it's also important not to treat it with undue indulgence.

There is no shortage of precedents in the hockey world of players being coddled to the point of losing their motivation and initial brilliance.

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Alex Galchenyuk is a striking example of this trend. Praised and coddled from a young age, he was lauded even before he fully proved his worth on the ice. The consequences are now known to everyone.

The Montreal Canadiens tried to hide and camouflage Galchenyuk's dark life in bars and nightlife which ultimately ruined him.

It is therefore essential not to give in to the temptation to turn Caufield into hockey's “kid king.” The passion and determination that has taken him this far must be maintained, even under media pressure.

The media must play a balancing role: support and encouragement, but also a reminder that in the NHL, absolutely nothing can be achieved without hard work, maturity and emotional intelligence.

As long as we coddle Caufield… he will regress… both on the ice and in his life outside….