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MLB: Juan Soto debuts with San Diego Padres on Wednesday night

MLB: Juan Soto debuts with San Diego Padres on Wednesday night

“I wish good luck to all the shooters who will have to face us. It will be very exciting to be a part of this training.”

So said Juan Soto during his first interview with the media in San Diego on Wednesday.

It was acquired by Team California on Tuesday on a major stock exchange, the Dominicans are very happy to join a team that aspires to great honors. Left the Washington Nationals, who had the worst record in the Majors

“I am happy to join Padres. I have been watching them since the beginning of the season. They play baseball very well. I am excited to be able to go far in the playoffs.”

Soto was surprised to see his national teammate, Josh Bell, leave with him for the scorching San Diego sun.

“I didn’t think we would get in danger together. I thought I was going to leave Washington alone,” Soto said. “When I realized I came here with Josh, I was even more excited to join the Padres! We have a very good relationship and I know what he can bring to the team and in the dressing room. »

The 23-year-old already has a busy career despite his young age. He won the world championship in 2019 with the national team and also won the silver stick. Soto was ranked second best player in the National League in 2021.

“I am here to win and to bring so much energy into the dressing room and the field every night. I want my experience from 2019 to help the players who are already here.”

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“That’s what I came here to do and that’s what’s been on my mind since I found out about the deal. We’ll try to be the champion team at the end of the season.”

Winning debut in San Diego

Soto made his debut Wednesday night with the Padres. He finished second in Padres’ striking lineup, while Bale finished fourth. Another newcomer, Brandon Drury, played the designated hitter and finished sixth.

Padres had no knots against the Colorado Rockies and won 9-1.

Soto was quick to score. After a standing ovation from the crowd, he drew base on the walk. He came and scored when Jake Kronworth was hit by a bullet as it occupied all bases.

For his part, Bill was seated in the front row witnessing Drury’s prowess. With the rules still crowded, Drury slammed a Grand Slam to make it 5-0 for Padres in the first half. Drury became the first player in Padres history to reach a Grand Slam in his first game for the team.

Soto ended his night on the job with a big hit in three looks, as well as charting two walks.

Blake Snell took the win by nine strokes in six runs. The only race allowed came from Charlie Blackmon’s wand.