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Closing the airspace, the number of spectators, the parade on the Seine… What to remember about the security system for the opening ceremony

Closing the airspace, the number of spectators, the parade on the Seine… What to remember about the security system for the opening ceremony

The Minister of the Interior announced in particular that the airspace in a 150-kilometre radius around Paris will be closed from seven in the evening.


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A brief photo of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Paris, provided by the organizing committee.  (Florian Halliou / Paris 2024 / AFP)

At a Senate hearing on Tuesday 5 March, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin provided details of the security arrangements planned for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Paris on 26 July. He then spoke on the set of France 2's “8pm” programme. The number of spectators along the Seine, the airspace closing times, the number of boats for the show… France Info takes stock of what we know about the device.

Closed airspace within a 150 km radius around Paris

The airspace will be closed in a radius of 150 kilometers around the capital. that it “It is very historic that we have completely closed all airports.”Gérald Darmanin added. “In addition, helicopters will fly over the ceremony, along with drones, so snipers can fly in to follow it.” Possible difference “complicated” or “Sites” The minister added that the security services doubt the matter.

This leg is scheduled to start from 7 pm until the end of the opening ceremony at midnight, as specified by the Minister, which means that all airports in Ile-de-France and the surrounding areas (Roissy, Orly, Le Bourget or even Beauvais) will be closed. . “Heads of state will have to reach beyond this region”The minister announced, citing Lille Airport “Source”.

The benchmark was set at 326,000 spectators

Gérald Darmanin announced that the number of spectators who will be able to attend the river show of the opening ceremony has been set at 326,000 people, including 222,000 with free tickets.

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Before the Senate Legal Committee, the Secretary of the Interior specified that 104,000 spectators would be accommodated on the low platforms and on certain bridges, and 222,000 on the high platforms for an estimated capacity of 222,000. “200000” People who will be watching the concert from buildings overlooking the Seine River.

As for the people who will receive one of these free invitations, “It is the city of Saint-Denis, the city of Saint-Ouen, the district council of Seine-Saint-Denis, the city hall of Paris… that will allow children in schools, people in municipal centers of social work, etc. to come to this party.”said Gerald Darmanin on the France 2 group.

A fleet of 180 show boats on the Seine

A total of 180 boats will be mobilized, including 94 boats to transport athletes, according to the governor of the Ile-de-France region. Marc Guillaume, who spoke alongside Gerald Darmanin in the Senate, specified that 86 boats would be allocated to security, technical and troubleshooting teams for ships in difficulty.

Gérald Darmanin insisted on the fact of this “All delegations agreed to the offer on the Seine.” This has a unique format for the opening ceremony, which was organized outside a sports venue.