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In America, the Democratic Party is regaining confidence ahead of the midterm elections

In America, the Democratic Party is regaining confidence ahead of the midterm elections

In one summer, the turnaround is spectacular. At the end of June, in America, the Democratic Party was lamenting, while the Republican Party seemed overcome with ecstasy. Inflation reached a forty-year low (+9.1%). The Supreme Court sent the country back half a century. Removing abortion as a constitutional right. Ahead of the midterm elections in November, the prognosis for Democrats took on a bleak hue. However, two months later, the president’s party regained hope thanks to and despite Joe Biden.

The Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion has sparked a mix of anger and mobilization among voters, particularly among independents, women and the black community. He recalled the scale of the reactionary wave that arises when the ruling party in the US usually struggles to mobilize its supporters during these “by-election” elections.

Entries in the electoral rolls experienced an unusual recovery, As in Kansas, a majority was rejected in early AugustA text that paves the way for an abortion ban in this state in a highly commented referendum. In a Pew Research Center study published on August 23, Compared to March, the number of voters who qualified voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG) as an essential subject rose from 43% to 56%. The number rose from 46% to 71% among Democrats.

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Even Joe Biden’s popularity curve, which was at its lowest in July, is rising to a less dangerous level. In a recent Gallup poll, 44% supported his action, thanks in particular to the return of independent voters. The continued fall in petrol prices is a relief – inflation was 8.5% in July.

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Biden inherited a broken America

Nevertheless, there is a certain incongruity between the image of the president and the new democratic movement. This leads candidates in the field to wonder about its sponsorship and the need to demand its action. Some prefer to focus on polarity or local themes, preferring to train the basics. Others are overzealous. “Look at what President Biden has done for our country. Launched Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist on CNN. He was exceptional. Look what he did to the world. »

Joe Biden inherited a fractured America, under perpetual tension, its democracy almost adrift. He was elected, in contrast to Donald Trump, to restore a kind of calm and dignity to the exercise of power. But he also had broad reform ambitions, while holding a slim Senate majority (50-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris’s deciding vote).

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