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Claire Samson will not be running for the Conservative Party in Quebec

Claire Samson will not be running for the Conservative Party in Quebec

Eric Duhaeme will lose his only deputy: dissident Claire Samson does not intend to run under the Quebec Conservative banner in the upcoming elections.

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Having left doubts when it came time to switch from CAQ to PCQ, Representative Claire Samson finally decided to retire last June.

She’s 66, and she especially cites her health issues in recent years to explain her choice to leave new elections aside. MI Samson intends, however, to campaign in support of PCQ.

The former director of the television world claims to have “several retirement plans”. I learned the deaf language several years ago. I would like to update to volunteer as a deaf interpreter,” she says, explaining that she has learned this language in the past “out of sheer curiosity.”

MI Samson is also considering going back to school for his retirement, without focusing on a particular area. “I have eight months to think about it,” she says.

not bitter

The Iberville member assures us that she retained no bitterness to be fired from CAQ after donating $100 to PCQ.

At the same time, she said that she was happy to leave the training. “I didn’t want to be here today,” she said. Representatives who are present do not enjoy a great deal of freedom of expression.”

Claire Samson has made no secret of her disappointment at being impeached while forming Cabinet, following the CAQ win in 2018.

But she assures us that her donation to PCQ was not in bad faith. “It wasn’t about getting revenge on CAQ,” she explains. I’m not naturally suicidal either.”

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“We were heading towards the coronation of the CAQ, and I found we needed more opposition,” says MI Samson, adding that the donation was completely legal.

For its part, the ruling party said that it cannot “tolerate a member of our group that financially supports another political party that challenges and rejects the established scientific and health measures.”

Today, Claire Samson says she is “very comfortable” with the positions of her new party.

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