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Violation de son espace aérien par un aéronef de l’armée française : le Mali dénonce et menace de réagir en cas de récidive.

Mali denounces and threatens to retaliate if the crime is repeated.

Between France and Mali, the dialogue seems to have broken down for good. The recent action of the financial authorities is the clearest proof of this.

In a press release signed by the Minister of Administration and Decentralization, spokesperson for the Malian government, a French military aircraft of the type A400 registered FRBAN accused of violating the airspace of Mali, Tuesday January 11th.

According to the financial authorities, the aircraft in question used tricks by turning off the transponder and cutting all communication with the financial air traffic control organizations to go unnoticed. “However, recently acquired financial national defense capabilities made it possible to identify and track the aircraft’s path,” the statement said.

Mali denounces this violation of its airspace, and says it has informed the French authorities who, he remembers, support the ECOWAS sanctions.

In an almost threatening tone, the Malian government “rejects any responsibility regarding the risks that the perpetrators of these practices might expose themselves to in the event of a new violation of our airspace.”

France has not yet responded to this press release issued by the financial authorities. But a few hours ago, we learned through the French press that Paris had asked Air France to suspend all its flights to and from Mali. A decision driven by Paris’ desire to comply with the sanctions announced by ECOWAS last Sunday against the ruling military junta.

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